Believe by Katie Holland is LIVE

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, the final book in the Nykara series is now available!
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Since saving her friends and family on the island, Alix's life has gone back to normal. Home school, being a teenager, and of course, fighting evil. Ben has become her rock and she knows he will do anything for her. Shay is still the world's best friend and Alix is thankful for her every day.

Despite the many challenges she has faced since becoming Nykara, she knows her biggest one is yet to come. In order to keep her loved ones safe she will have to find a way to defeat the Grynn, but first she has to find them.

Soon Alix is faced with her ultimate test. Will she be able to believe in herself enough to keep everyone she loves alive, and still rid the world of the Grynn? Or will doubt be her undoing?

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