Be Mine, King Cover Reveal by Chelsea McDonald


There's a new book on the book. Coming soon from Chelsea McDonald is 'Be Mine, King' - a brand new twist on the dark mafia world! Today marks the Title and Blurb reveal, plus Pre-Order links are now live.


Cover Reveal: March 1st

Release: May 1st

I can’t be held accountable for the mistakes of my father, that wouldn’t be fair. But after his passing, demons of his past come to the surface to seek me out. 


Nikolai King doesn’t care about what I think is right and wrong. Unfair, fair it’s all the same in his book. With only a few words, he’s taken away my everything and shaken it until all that floats around me are fiery ruins. 


I loathe him. And I won’t be afraid to show it. While his sinister smirk may charm everyone else, I’m determined to hold my resolve. I see the way his eyes linger on me, like a lion licking his lips, that’ll be his downfall. I will use his greatest desires against him until he crumbles. 


He will not break me down. He will not take away my fight. By the time he’s through with me, I’ll have him begging for my forgiveness. 


I will not show weakness. 

I will stand tall. 

I will not show mercy.



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