Burning Hot Rumors is LIVE

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For Callie Moore, it’s a day-to-day struggle to live in a town where everyone thinks she’s the worst person on earth— thanks to rumors. Divorced, living with her ailing dad, and the scars of finding her ex-husband in bed with not one, but two, of her friends, have her on a downward spiral.

Her immediate problems outweigh her concern over the rough and gruff biker her dad hires to help out at the gas station. No matter how attractive she finds Kent, he’s only another person she needs to defend herself against.

A drifter his whole life, Kent Calder can live anywhere as long as he has his motorcycle and a road in front of him.

Stopping at Moore’s Gas Station was only a pit stop on a road trip with no destination. A way to put a few dollars in his pocket. He has no plans to stay in Missoula, where drama and rudeness from the locals is a way of life.

Until the talk centers around Callie, and he sees what the lies are doing to her.

If she can’t stand up for herself, he’ll fight for her. But as soon as he stomps out one fire, another one pops up.

Through attraction, heartache, devastation, and time, the flames between Kent and Callie only grow hotter.