Fraud by Hayley Faiman: a review

We meet Hutton and Laurie at the BlueBonnet festival enjoying live bands and carnival rides.  Hutton meets Beaumont Griffin, a rising music star.   Hutton and Beaumont start to date but Beaumont keeps Hutton at an arm’s length, emotionally.   Beaumont’s heart was destroyed by his, Chelle who played psychological games.   Hutton works at a beauty shop with dreams of opening her own.   Beaumont is pucked up by a music label in California and has plans of moving there never to return home.  Beaumont breaks up with Hutton as he says he he doesn’t want a hometown girl hanging on his coattails.


 This book by far was my favorite in the Unfit Hero series.  I loved Hutton and Beaumont. This book was everything…. All the feels and love.   I loved it