Hero by Hayley Faiman : a review

We meet Sammi and Wyatt at Wyatt’s HS Football game where they’re going to states. Sammi tells Wyatt she’s pregnant so Wyatt tells his parents and they’re totally on board. Wyatt plans to ask Sammi to marry him but Sammi is very sad and Wyatt goes to her house and unfortunately finds out Sammi had an abortion. He throws the ring into the grass and drives off. We meet Exeter, a 17 year old high school student who is pregnant but doesn’t know which of the two men she’s slept with is the father. She calls her friend, Emily and they go to an abortion clinic as Emily asks Exeter if the baby is Uncle David’s. This book was so good. I highly recommend it. It was the second book by Ms. Faiman that I’ve read. I loved all the characters especially Wyatt, Exeter, Rylan and Channing.