Finding my Night: a review




We meet Breanna, a culinary school scholar who’s hired as a personal maid,chef and overseer of Nick Mason’s apartment and life.  Mr. Mason is a very influential art dealer within the city. He travels a lot on business so Breanna cooks his meals and other things. Nick is dating Veronica Rockford whose daddy buys her everything for his love like a boat,  Veroni”bitch”as Breanna calls her. Breanna daydreams about Nick as if they’re in a relationship together.


Veronica surprises Nick at James’s gallery opening. She throws some shade at Bree.  In return, Bree throws a tray of cream puffs at Veronica and they hit her hair, face and butt.  

That was my favorite part so far. 


 This book was just as good as Finding My One if not even better.  I loved Nick and Bree and their story as well as Ford and Margo ( that by far was my favorite surprise).  I recommend this book so so much