Cold Queen by K Webster: a review

We meet Elvira and Yanna, princesses of King Davven Whitestone.   Davven and Plyrienne, the girls stepmother go to visit the Easta Waterways,  Plyrienne’s hometown.  Unfortunately, the King and his wife never return home having been killed by nomads.


       Elvira becomes Queen and the Punisher of the Damned.  She sets out to avenge her parents death by murdering everyone within her reach.   King Bloodsun comes to Queen Elivira with a proposition..   He wants to marry Yanna to get access to Norta Layke where the Moral War awaits..


This book was so twisty and amazing.  It had a Game of Thrones twisty feel which I loved.   I highly recommend this book.   I give it 5 ✨✨✨✨✨