Saving Meghan by D.J. Palmer : a review

We meet Becky as she’s on a plane to Los Angeles to visit her dying mother for the last time. She gets a text from her husband, Carl about their 15 yr old daughter, Meghan.  She’s in the hospital after fainting while playing soccer with her neighbor, Holly’s kids. Becky then freaks out screaming that she needed to get off the plane. An undercover Air Marshal then arrests her for interrupting a flight video.  She’s subsequently removed from the plane and videoed as she leaves.  She’s then let go and rushes to the hospital and her daughter.   Drs don’t seem to think anything is wrong with Meghan that is until a cardiologist and a neurologist see Meghan.  They then come to the conclusion that something could be wrong with with her heart or it was a seizure.  More doctors appointments are to be made for Meghan by her mom in the morning.


    This audio was a twisty mindf*ck.  I loved it. Highly recommend