Perfectly Imperfect

Cover Reveal! Perfectly Imperfect by Fabiola Francisco has a new look! Genre:


Contemporary Romance Cover Designer: Amy Queau, Q Designs #1click or read in KU!


Synopsis: An emotional standalone about a city girl and a country boy. I live by certain rules: 1. My career comes first. 2. No sleepovers, just sex. 3. Never let the heart get involved. 4. Leave the past where it belongs. I won't break these rules for anyone. Not even the charming cowboy that danced his way into my life with that sexy, southern drawl. I see glimpses of a familiar pain in Grayson's eyes, but all we can offer each other is a temporary escape. No strings, that's what we agreed on. So, why does it feel different with him? I'm shattering my rules, one by one, until what's left is a mess of emotions and broken hearts. Grayson wants more from me, but I'm not sure I can give him my body ... and my heart.

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