Enzo by K Webster: a review

We meet Jenna, a foster child who hopes the family shed living with adopts her as are her foster brothers, Ryder and Rex.  Blake and Amanda( foster parents) wind up adopting Ryder and Rex    Katrina, their social worker moves Jenna and Cora to a new foster home. Jenna gets detention because she laughed and fell asleep in Coach Long's class.  Cora, a two year old little girl is sick so Jenna rushes home and demands Juanita take her the doctor.  She does and Dr Powell asks if her foster mom hurts her.  Cora says yes so Laurence Tauber (Enzo), their case worker is called to investigate.


 Cora gets sick again and Patty, her foster mom brings her to the hospital, Jenna, Enzo and Cora are my favorite characters.  This book is one of K Webster's best ones to date