Review: The Husband Hour by Jamie Brenner

— feeling excited

We meet Lauren, a grieving widow.  Her husband, Rory Kincaid, a hockey star and an American hero was killed in action in Iraq.  Lauren then isolates herself at her grandparent's house in Atlantic City.  Her parents and her sister come to stay at the house Memorial Day weekend.  Matt Brio, a former journalist is making a documentary about Rory Kincaid.  He asks his friend, Craig Mason to look at it in hopes he’ll finance the documentary in time for the 5 year anniversary of Rory’s death. 

  Lauren is now working as a waitress at Nora’s Cafe.


Stephanie, Lauren’s sister drops by while she’s working at Nora’s Cafe.  Stephanie tells Lauren that’s she needs to stay a month at the beach house called The Green Gable, and that she’s getting divorced after being married only a year. Lauren’s parents are staying at the beach house for the summer.  Her parents are going to sell the house after Lauren’s father lose their home in Philadelphia due to her father taking out a second mortgage on their home to save her father’s business, Adelman’s Apparel which leads her parents to lose their home. Lauren and her family eat dinner at home feasting on flank steak while Ethan, her nephew eats pizza bagels. Her parents suggest she work at a new seafood restaurant at the Borgata in Atlantic City instead of Nora’s Cafe.  She would have job security in winter instead of where she's at. 


This was my first book by Ms. Brenner but certainly not my last.  I loved all the characters especially Lauren, Stephanie and Ethan.  My mind was blown at that secret though.  OMG