Review: No Direction Home

We meet Emma, a 13-year-old girl whose home is busted in on by ICE agents. Her mother and father are arrested.  Her brother, Raul, never returned home after renewing his DACA papers.  A church family that Sienna knows takes Emma in till everything is sorted out.  Emma’s mother is in a detention center and her father was deported back to Honduras while her brother was sent to Tacoma, Washington.   

    While staying with Sandi and her family, Emma is accused of being a liar after explaining to Sandi that one of her sons, Logan walked in on Emma while she was in the bathroom and Logan forcibly kissed her with his tongue while she was on the toilet.  Emma also witnessed Mr. Moreno physically abuse his son, Tyler with a belt after tracking mud into the house.

Sienna, Emma’s mom is released from the detention center.  Emma and her mom go back to their house where her mom sells Emma’s cell phone for money.  Raul is in a juvenile detention center in Tacoma, Washington.  Emma’s mom goes back to Honduras after her husband had an accident in which his hands were badly hurt, ribs broken and a few cuts and bruises.  Emma is back with the Moreno’s til her parents or her brother come home.


 Emma’s friends, Shanika and Alex are there for her to vent to.  Raul is able to post bond but it's $2500. 


I fell in love with all the characters especially Emma, Jay,

her mom and her friends.  This book will certainly not be my last of Ms. Wingers