Review : The Forgotten Ones

— feeling love

We meet David, an 80 year old man in a hospital dying from cancer. His wife, Gertie passed away from cancer.  David is awaiting death because he’s hiding some secrets that a psychic supposedly knew who he and his wife were.  David and Gertie’s daughter, Marie hasn’t answered any of her father’s letters. David is now going to have the nurse write a letter to his granddaughter.  The pain from the cancer has crippled David so much so that the nurse has to write his letters for him.

 We meet Elle, a pediatric nurse who lose a patient ( newborn baby) and stayed with the family.  Brennley is Elle’s roommate who is helping David write one last letter to his daughter to try and get her to see him one last time. Elle is told by Brennley that the man, David she’s caring for is her grandfather.  Elle is mindblown.

  Elle meets her grandfather, David without her mother knowing. David starts to tell Elle stories of his past.   We meet David as a young father running a truck company carrying livestock.  He picks up a young woman named Judy and her daughter, Bella who were on the side of the road brings them home to spend the night at his house, with his wife, Gertie where they can get a hot meal, a shower and a good night’s sleep.



  This was by far my favorite Steena book.  I loved all the

characters especially Elle, Grace, Marie and David.