Review : The Recipe Box

The Recipe Box: A Novel - Viola Shipman

We meet Alice, who’s in the midst of getting all the ingredients for an apple pie together as her husband, Leo, and their dog, Mac pick apples. Alice makes apple crisp pie for her husband. She also makes her own whipped cream.  The following day, she worked in the orchard. She writes out the secret family apple crisp recipe on note cards she received from the church.  Leo surprises her with a hand carved recipe box for all her recipes.   Alice is concerned no one will want her recipes as everyone in her family are gone.


  Years later, we meet Sam, a N.Y. pastry chef working for Chef Dimples, a reality TV star who is obsessed with fame and can’t cook. When he asks her to make something for his GMA appearance, she makes a peach-blueberry slam pie.  Chef Dimples then says that the pie is ok so Sam then remembers her thirteenth birthday where her family gave her a party.  One of the gifts she received from her grandmother Willo and mom, Deana was a receive box with their family receipts handwritten in a wood carved recipe box with a key that Sam, her mom and grandmother all have. After her memory, Chef Dimples demands that Sam make his blueberry pie.  Sam then tells Chef Dimples off and quits

   We now find Sam on her way home to Michigan as she leaves N.Y. and her roommates and especially Angelo, their fruit vendor who texts her on the plane as it lands.


I loved all the characters especially Sam, Angelo and Willo. This was my first book of Ms.Shipmans but certainly not my last