Review: Renner’s Rules

This is my first book of Ms. Webster's and I'm already in love 


We meet a soldier by the name of Renner also known as Adam.  He's badly injured in Afghanistan.  In the hospital, as Renner wakes up, his best friend, Mateo is there.  He saved his life and says that Adam owes him nothing but Renner wants to babysit for Te, and his wife  as a favor. 


Fast forward...  Renner is now a principal in a high school.   He gets a phone call from Mateo saying he needs a favor.  His wife, Valencia died of breast cancer and his daughter is running with a bad crowd..  Mateo sends his daughter to Renner so he can straighten her out since he’s a principal.


Mateo’s daughter, Elma comes to stay with Renner. Adam(Renner) and Elma start up a sexual relationship


This book was one of my favorites...