Review: My name is Venus Black

— feeling happy
My Name Is Venus Black: A Novel - Heather Lloyd

This is my first book of Ms. Lloyd’s.  I’m loving the characters of Venus and Leo, her little brother with special needs.  Venus is arrested for a crime that has yet to be explained.  Her mother, Inez comes to tell Venus that her stepbrother is missing.  He was kidnapped from where he and his mom were staying since Venus’s incarceration in juvie.   Venus was put in juvie and awaiting trial due to the fact that she killed her stepfather, Ray. 


 Leo was kidnapped by his uncle, Thomas a.k.a. Tinker.  They find an apartment where Thomas ... known as Phil to Tony and his daughter, Tessa.  Tessa becomes friends with Leo. Fast forward, Venus is free at 19 living in a house with a gay man named Mike and his niece, Piper.  She’s also changed her name to Annette so no one will find out her true identity.  Venus is found out as Piper is moved to Seattle to live with her aunt.  Annette is sad that she didn't get to say goodbye to Piper.  


 This book was absolutely amazing.  I highly recommend it