Review : Woman last seen in her thirties

— feeling amazing

This was my first book of Ms. Pagan’s but certainly not my last. I fell in love with Maggie, Adam, Zoe, Jack and Gita from the beginning.  When Adam said he wanted a divorce because he fell in love with someone else by the name of Jillian Smith.  I was angry for Maggie and her kids and wanted to kick Adam’s butt.  When Adam was invited over for a last family Thanksgiving, it broke my heart because I was sad for everyone involved but most of all for Maggie,   She fell in love with Adam and expected him to uphold their vows.


When he revealed that he had an affair with Jillian Smith, I wanted Maggie to kill him.  She got him back when the travel agent called and said that their trip to Rome was coming up.  I love the fact that Maggie went and made a friend named Jean, an artist spending a month in a Rome then onto Florence.  I literally laughed out loud when Maggie and Benito, the tour guide went out on a date then went back to his apartment.   On Maggie’s last day in Rome, Jean offered her the option to stay in her home in Ann Arbor just to get some distance from the situation with Adam. 


    This book made me laugh, cry, and get angry all at once. I highly recommend this book