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I'm an avid reader. I love to read memoirs, biographies, chick lit, mystery and young adult. I'll read and review advanced reader copies of books from Netgalley.  I love a plethora of authors but here are some of my favorites including Steena Holmes, Camille DeMaio, Camille Pagán, James Patterson and Sophie Kinsella

A Backcourt: Review

This was my first by this author. It was an intriguing book.   It kept my interest but I felt it was drawn out and like I’d read this exact plot somewhere else. 

The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell : Review

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Sam Hell was born with ocular albinism.  He was a preemie and was in a doctors office contemplating a vasectomy because his girlfriend, Eva, an Alaskan Airlines pilot didn't want kids.  Sam was called Devil Boy by his bully, David Freemon.  Ernie and Mickie become his best friends.  Sam is picked as a lector for his all school mass because his  

 classmates want to see him fail. 


 This was my first book by Mr. Dugoni.  i loved all the characters especially, Mickie, Sam, Ernie and many others.   i loved this book from the first page. It will certainly not be my last.

A Prom to Remember Review

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We meet Cora Martin getting ready to have a prom committee meeting where Cora and her friends talk about prom king and queen and the changing of it to include a court.  This book was cute. i loved all the characters especially, Jacinta, Cora, and Paisley.  This was my first book of Ms. Hall’s but certainly not my last 

Review of : Beauty in Broken Places by Allison Pataki

We meet Dave, thirty years old who has had a stroke.  Allison, his wife starts to write letters so he can remember the old and new memories. i loved this book.  i have hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy so i knew exactly what Alli and Dave were going through.  I've never had a stroke but completely understand the medical complexity of hospitals.   This was my first book of Ms. Patakis but certainly not my last 


Review: The Husband Hour by Jamie Brenner

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We meet Lauren, a grieving widow.  Her husband, Rory Kincaid, a hockey star and an American hero was killed in action in Iraq.  Lauren then isolates herself at her grandparent's house in Atlantic City.  Her parents and her sister come to stay at the house Memorial Day weekend.  Matt Brio, a former journalist is making a documentary about Rory Kincaid.  He asks his friend, Craig Mason to look at it in hopes he’ll finance the documentary in time for the 5 year anniversary of Rory’s death. 

  Lauren is now working as a waitress at Nora’s Cafe.


Stephanie, Lauren’s sister drops by while she’s working at Nora’s Cafe.  Stephanie tells Lauren that’s she needs to stay a month at the beach house called The Green Gable, and that she’s getting divorced after being married only a year. Lauren’s parents are staying at the beach house for the summer.  Her parents are going to sell the house after Lauren’s father lose their home in Philadelphia due to her father taking out a second mortgage on their home to save her father’s business, Adelman’s Apparel which leads her parents to lose their home. Lauren and her family eat dinner at home feasting on flank steak while Ethan, her nephew eats pizza bagels. Her parents suggest she work at a new seafood restaurant at the Borgata in Atlantic City instead of Nora’s Cafe.  She would have job security in winter instead of where she's at. 


This was my first book by Ms. Brenner but certainly not my last.  I loved all the characters especially Lauren, Stephanie and Ethan.  My mind was blown at that secret though.  OMG

Review: This I know

We meet Grace in utero with her brother, Issac.  Grace early on could hear her brother’s voice.  She turned 11 and took a piece of cake and candle to her bedroom closet to celebrate her brothers birthday ascwell.  Her sisters ratted her out and Grace got in trouble and was told to no longer talk to her brother.  Her dad said she could have burnt the whole house down. I absolutely loved all the characters especially Grace.  I highly recommend anything by Ms. Edwards


Review: No Direction Home

We meet Emma, a 13-year-old girl whose home is busted in on by ICE agents. Her mother and father are arrested.  Her brother, Raul, never returned home after renewing his DACA papers.  A church family that Sienna knows takes Emma in till everything is sorted out.  Emma’s mother is in a detention center and her father was deported back to Honduras while her brother was sent to Tacoma, Washington.   

    While staying with Sandi and her family, Emma is accused of being a liar after explaining to Sandi that one of her sons, Logan walked in on Emma while she was in the bathroom and Logan forcibly kissed her with his tongue while she was on the toilet.  Emma also witnessed Mr. Moreno physically abuse his son, Tyler with a belt after tracking mud into the house.

Sienna, Emma’s mom is released from the detention center.  Emma and her mom go back to their house where her mom sells Emma’s cell phone for money.  Raul is in a juvenile detention center in Tacoma, Washington.  Emma’s mom goes back to Honduras after her husband had an accident in which his hands were badly hurt, ribs broken and a few cuts and bruises.  Emma is back with the Moreno’s til her parents or her brother come home.


 Emma’s friends, Shanika and Alex are there for her to vent to.  Raul is able to post bond but it's $2500. 


I fell in love with all the characters especially Emma, Jay,

her mom and her friends.  This book will certainly not be my last of Ms. Wingers




Review : The Forgotten Ones

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We meet David, an 80 year old man in a hospital dying from cancer. His wife, Gertie passed away from cancer.  David is awaiting death because he’s hiding some secrets that a psychic supposedly knew who he and his wife were.  David and Gertie’s daughter, Marie hasn’t answered any of her father’s letters. David is now going to have the nurse write a letter to his granddaughter.  The pain from the cancer has crippled David so much so that the nurse has to write his letters for him.

 We meet Elle, a pediatric nurse who lose a patient ( newborn baby) and stayed with the family.  Brennley is Elle’s roommate who is helping David write one last letter to his daughter to try and get her to see him one last time. Elle is told by Brennley that the man, David she’s caring for is her grandfather.  Elle is mindblown.

  Elle meets her grandfather, David without her mother knowing. David starts to tell Elle stories of his past.   We meet David as a young father running a truck company carrying livestock.  He picks up a young woman named Judy and her daughter, Bella who were on the side of the road brings them home to spend the night at his house, with his wife, Gertie where they can get a hot meal, a shower and a good night’s sleep.



  This was by far my favorite Steena book.  I loved all the

characters especially Elle, Grace, Marie and David.

Review : The Recipe Box

The Recipe Box: A Novel - Viola Shipman

We meet Alice, who’s in the midst of getting all the ingredients for an apple pie together as her husband, Leo, and their dog, Mac pick apples. Alice makes apple crisp pie for her husband. She also makes her own whipped cream.  The following day, she worked in the orchard. She writes out the secret family apple crisp recipe on note cards she received from the church.  Leo surprises her with a hand carved recipe box for all her recipes.   Alice is concerned no one will want her recipes as everyone in her family are gone.


  Years later, we meet Sam, a N.Y. pastry chef working for Chef Dimples, a reality TV star who is obsessed with fame and can’t cook. When he asks her to make something for his GMA appearance, she makes a peach-blueberry slam pie.  Chef Dimples then says that the pie is ok so Sam then remembers her thirteenth birthday where her family gave her a party.  One of the gifts she received from her grandmother Willo and mom, Deana was a receive box with their family receipts handwritten in a wood carved recipe box with a key that Sam, her mom and grandmother all have. After her memory, Chef Dimples demands that Sam make his blueberry pie.  Sam then tells Chef Dimples off and quits

   We now find Sam on her way home to Michigan as she leaves N.Y. and her roommates and especially Angelo, their fruit vendor who texts her on the plane as it lands.


I loved all the characters especially Sam, Angelo and Willo. This was my first book of Ms.Shipmans but certainly not my last

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The Recipe Box: A Novel - Viola Shipman

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Review: All the Beautiful Girls

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All the Beautiful Girls - Elizabeth J. Church

We meet Lily, an 8-year-old girl who lost her family.  She moves in with her Aunt Tate and Uncle Miles.  Lily reveals that Uncle Miles is molesting her.  She tries to run away at 9 but her uncle says not to do it again because it will kill her aunt Tate. Lily’s classmates give her a hamster but Aunt Tate doesn’t like rodents so Uncle Miles breaks the hamster's neck. Lily spends the night with her best friend, Beverly Ann and is ready to spill the beans on what her uncle is doing to her but she’s afraid of losing her best friend.


  Lily loves to dance so when she graduates high school, she leaves Kansas for the bright lights of Vegas.  She also had become friends with The Aviator...   Lily also found out the accident that killed her family was caused by her father driving the wrong way on a highway and the Aviator took the blame for it.  Lily became a showgirl and was loving so she changed her name to Ruby Wilde.  Ruby was also doing drugs... like speed.  She couldn't work the night that MLK was shot and killed.


I loved all the characters especially, Lily, The Aviator, his boyfriend Jack and especially Lily’s daughter, Sloane. Highly recommend this book







Review: Digging In

Digging In - Loretta Nyhan

Paige is dealing with the death of her husband, Jesse due to a car accident.  They had a 17 year old son, Trey.  Paige works for an ad agency as a graphic designer.   She loses her boss, Frank to a heart attack whom she considered a second father. Frank’s son, Lukas takes over his dad’s business and makes it more of a success than it already was.   Paige and her friend, Jackie were afraid of losing their jobs. 


Paige decides to build a garden after she digs holes in her backyard. It rains and Trey uses the mud from the rain that fell as his own personal slip and slide.  The first competition Lukas devises for Landon Cosmetics had two people losing their jobs including Paiges’s bff Jackie but she stood up for herself and is back but if she loses next competition... There will be no severance package.


I’m loving the relationship blooming between Paige and Sean. I love all the characters and the hang at Guh but I seriously want to throat punch Lukas for being such a jerk.

I loved Bill Eckhardt, Sean, Paige and Trey.  This was one of the funniest, lovable books I’ve ever read.    Petra was a complete hoot.  I loved her.  Highly  recommend it 

Starting this ARC

Digging In - Loretta Nyhan

I’m starting this ARC of Digging in by Loretta Nyhan. It publishes 4/1


Review: Renner’s Rules

This is my first book of Ms. Webster's and I'm already in love 


We meet a soldier by the name of Renner also known as Adam.  He's badly injured in Afghanistan.  In the hospital, as Renner wakes up, his best friend, Mateo is there.  He saved his life and says that Adam owes him nothing but Renner wants to babysit for Te, and his wife  as a favor. 


Fast forward...  Renner is now a principal in a high school.   He gets a phone call from Mateo saying he needs a favor.  His wife, Valencia died of breast cancer and his daughter is running with a bad crowd..  Mateo sends his daughter to Renner so he can straighten her out since he’s a principal.


Mateo’s daughter, Elma comes to stay with Renner. Adam(Renner) and Elma start up a sexual relationship


This book was one of my favorites...

Reading progress update: I've read 40%.

My Name Is Venus Black: A Novel - Heather Lloyd

Reading progress update: I've read 29%.

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My Name Is Venus Black: A Novel - Heather Lloyd

Loving this book. I can’t recommend it enough

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